Tero Syvänen – 苏戴荣

Polly the Polar Bear
August 3, 2011, 20:42
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Picture: Tero SyvänenThe idea for this piece sprouted in 2008 from the notion of compiling a piece of music while defying geographic distances, boundaries and restrictions. What was proved was that sound travels great distances – and even without the necessity of physically getting together.

The lyrics were delivered from England, the vocals from Finland and the final compiling of the puzzle from Austria.


mcf project in ‘Polly the Polar Bear’:

Ninnuli – lyrics

Mathieu Fanedel – organ, guitar, mixing

Tero Syvänen – vocals, harmonica


Free My Satellite – 放开我的卫星
June 30, 2011, 08:24
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The solution can often be found by distancing oneself from the issue at hand – and while chilling on a couch in the working class district of Favoriten in Vienna, Austria.

This piece was also recorded in 2002 – and also in the facilities of the then-called ‘mcf project’.

Free My Satellite

Mathieu Fanedel – lyrics, mixing, guitar

Tero Syvänen – lyrics, vocals

P. Zimmermann – vocals

M. Krieger – congas


10 000 Roses – 一万朵玫瑰
November 28, 2010, 04:05
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This piece was recorded in 2002, in Vienna, Austria – and in the facilities of the then-called ‘mcf project’. Partly the idea for this piece of recording came across as an experiment of capturing an oriental mode into a jam session, and the material was later post-processed with various additions and signatures.

The participants in this recording:
Mathieu Fanedel – guitar, sound control
Tero Syvänen – guitar

It must be admitted that the melody of this jam touches the sidelines of the recording of the Chinese artist Samuel Tai (邰正宵), and especially one of his representative works called ‘999 Roses’ (九百九十九朵玫瑰).

A video of Samuel Tai’s work on the other hand can be appropriately found on YouTube:



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